"If you do not desist your opposition to the British Arms, I shall march this army over the mountains, hang your leaders, and lay waste your country with fire and sword.

- Major Patrick Ferguson, 1780
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The Perfect Captain

A Campaign game of Partisan Warfare in the
American Revolution
What is this game about?
Based on the same system as 'Tinker Fox' and 'A La Huguenotte', Swamp Fox adds a different twist- this is not a game of Garrison Warfare so much as one of Partisan warfare. The first scenario, "Ferguson Raises the Back Country" is set in South Carolina after the fall of Charleston to the British under Cornwallis. Players take the roles of Patriot and Loyalist commanders in the back country trying to win 'hearts and minds' while keeping their opponents off balance.
For use with our miniatures ruleset, 'Patriots',
sim'lating warfare of that smaller sort
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What kinds of things can you do?
Both sides are always planning and plotting the overthrow of their enemies through all kinds of actions! Controlling an area and making it safe for your adherents is critical, so you can march a Detachments through the countryside cowing enemy and even neutral districts into abetting your side (providing supplies and not block communications). You can also plant a detachement in a district and convert it to your side over time, while using it as a base for raiding, ambushing and expanding your influence. You'll need to send spies into enemy camps to count men and spread dissension. Enemy forts can even be surrounded and besieged! To do all this you need supplies which you can only get from the civilian population (including horses!)- don't take too much though, unless you want the countryside to turn against you!
Are the strategy and tactics of the two sides different?
Very much so. In the first scenario, The Loyalists under Patrick Ferguson must build a chain of controlled districts up to the North Carolina border to encourage more loyalism and keep the enemy from penetrating into the south. Their advantage is better and more regular troops, artillery and dragoons. The Patriots can remain in the safety of North Carolina and descend on the Loyalists at will. 
Does the campaign translate to the tabletop for miniatures?
It sure does. The rules include a scenario generation system so the battles aren't all "meeting engagements". Based on who is in command and what kinds of troops are present, you get to make some important choices that can lead to you ambushing an enemy force or catching them asleep or even drunk.... you can add some strategy to your tactics as well. Planning ahead, you can leave a force offboard to act as a rearguard to aid in your retreat so you don't lose the whole army in a retreat. In short, every move in the campaign affects battles, and every battle affects the campaign!
What kinds of troops are present?
All of them. Every historical unit is present, from the Loyalist Prince of Wales Reg't to the Spartanburg Militia. From Tarleton's  British Legion to the Over-the-Mountain men and Die-Hard Georgians.  
Remember, our Patriots! complete miniatures rules work seamlessly with Swamp Fox!